Online Marketing – Getting Started

The fitness industry has undergone a boom in the recent years. The number of fitness experts and personal trainers has increased greatly. They are exploring various options for marketing their services to the public and gathering maximum number of clients. Online fitness marketing of fitness services has a huge impact on increasing the potential of fitness businesses.

online marketing

Get a website

This is the first and foremost step towards starting off with online marketing of your personal training services. A website can act as a business card for you. It is important to populate the website with useful information such as your credentials as a personal trainer, past experiences, qualifications, trainings received, pictures or videos of trainings conducted by you and the various trainings offered by you.

Make maximum use of social media

Make your presence felt on the social media platform using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. Make your business page on social media sites. Post regular updates about training sessions, encourage discussions, debates, quizzes and make announcements to spread the word about your business. Integrate social media with your website and increase the chances of visibility during online searches.

Blogging is the way to go

Create a blog for your business and update it regularly with fitness articles, your experiences as a trainer, pictures, videos, ebooks, latest studies and client testimonials. Link the blog to your website and use it to attract clients to your business.

Form an email list

Make it a point to make a list of contacts with their email addresses. You must have this for your existing clients, potential clients who enquire for your services and for clients whom you had provided training services in the past. Have an email list ready and update them with an email if you introduce any new training services, any new offers, schemes or discounts. It will help you maintain a client list and you will always know the status of your clientele.

Sending them an email is beneficial in cases where they know that someone else would be interested in receiving training from you, they can forward the same email to those prospective clients thus increasing your client base. This is a useful mode of marketing your services.

Host live events

A great marketing tactic is to announce events such as training sessions, seminars, discussions, debates, contests and hold live events. Share the announcements for such events via your blog, website and social media and send out invitations. There can be a series of events wherein the introductory session can be free of charge, but the successive ones can be chargeable. Encourage non-members to participate. This will allow you to reach to a maximum number of clients and market your skills and services to them.

Remote services

You can use the internet technology to offer services to clients at a remote location. You can hold live training sessions, sell them products such as exercise DVDs, health plans, diet plans and regularly monitor their progress.

Marketing your fitness business online has tremendous scope to increase your business potential and help you attract more clients to your services. Using it in the right way can be beneficial to any business.

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